EPs Stink

by Sat On The Cat



6 new songs by the laziest punk-rock band in Portugal!

Speed, melody, catchy chorus, awesome lyrics, pure class.

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released April 15, 2014

Recording Line-UP:

Damas - bass & lead vocals
Paulão - guitars & lead vocals on "why bother"
Rolando Barros - session drums
Richie - Keyboards on "cloudier"
Richie, Paulão, Damas & Vik - backing vocals


Damas - bass & lead vocals
Paulão - lead guitar & backing vocals
Richie - rythm guitar & backing vocals
Gus - Drums

All music by Damas & Paulão // Lyrics by Damas

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Paulão

Dedicated to Zé Leonel, Rui "Rocker" Ramos & João Ribas.



all rights reserved


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Est. 2003.

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Track Name: Better Than Me
Non practicing hetero and misanthropist
Starting to feel that I deserve this
Then one day it changed with a telephone number
Written on a folded paper

The most well intentioned girl thought she would find
her soulmate in a guy who don't deserve one good thing in his life

Not planned, involuntary
Indifference, set one free

Hurt bad, cannot forget
One mistake, one regret

She don't need a boy but a man, a loving one
She's decent, he descends
Which means she is better than me
Track Name: More Lika Punk Feeling
I wanna grow a 'hawk and dye it blue
But alopecia took my hair for good

I wanna get a piercing and tattoo
But i'm afraid of needles and tight screws

In a prejudiced society like this
It's their fuckin' game that I gotta play
So why fight it when I can be
A Punk without showing off, anyway

I wanna skateboard and rip my shirt
But I cannot show up like that for work

I wanna get combat boots and tight jeans
But my feet hurt and my balls get squeezed

Never cared to protest or fight against my own
Before we stand together, we must stand alone
My humble beginnings didn't have any meaning
Other than a punk feeling of a 9 years old
Track Name: She Hates Me Twice
She arrived as a trainee
And as the song goes, I fell in love too easily
Everyone knows love brings bitterness
So naive

Tried to offer some affection
She gave back rejection
'Cause she was recovering from the same when we met
She needed time to forget, oh yeah
Just didn't know it was to forget me
Silly me

Separation was a good thing
One phone call and nothing more
They say time heals everything
Life was again a bore
So happy

Destiny joined us again after a year or so
Perhaps it was just meant to be
Talked like nothing happened a long time ago
And I fell for her again, yeah
Silly me

It seems that I can't learn from my mistakes
Fucked up my integrity, my self esteem
Once again she said no to me
That'll teach me not to dream, oh yeah

A wet dream that could be really nice
Despite the fact she hates me twice
Track Name: Punk Rock Loser
I know that we suck
I also know we don't give a fuck
So don't you be so mean
Where the hell have you been?
Don't you know Punk-Rock always sounded like this?

I know we don't fit
I also know we don't give a shit
So please say something nice
Don't you fuckin' criticize
And we won't write songs about you anymore
'Cause that's what you're for

Yeah, we got no talent
But motivation can't be bent
So we'll keep on playing crap rock music
Yeah, we got no future
And no investment return

Too lazy to live fast, too old to die young
Our time is over, we're just having fun
So go ahead now and try if you dare
Get your own band and beat us down fair

Born to be a punk-rock loser (once a loser)
Proud to be a punk-rock loser (always a loser)
Track Name: Cloudier
Physical attraction never gave a chance to romance
She knew it was no lazy Sunday afternoon movie
Stuck with indecision, never should have gone that far, too long
Yet one way love was no excuse not to go steady

We did not succeed
Can't help feeling bad
Ego has been fed
I could not comply with that
Sorry, the heart was empty
But you knew it all along

There was no devotion, sometimes i'd prefer not to kiss her
I cannot force a feeling since I hurt someone badly
It was her reaction after I broke up that fucked me up
She made me shed a tear wich was not supposed to be

Dumb girl, I know someone just like you
I've been in your shoes so many times, this is nothing new
Jealous behavior about your good friend Claudia
Who's hurting more than anyone, took you nowhere

Respect, to give back
Compromise a friendship for love ain't grand
Not about us anymore
Hey gal, can't be your best pal
'Cause you started so wrong
And ended so damn wrong
Track Name: Why Bother
Some wanna clean up the planet
Some wanna protect the ozone layer
Prevent chemical waste debris
Or preach meat is murder

Some wanna improve the system
Some wanna stand against our leaders
We reap what we sow
In a crop that withered long ago
We build just so we can tear apart

Why bother longing for world peace
Why fighting world wide famine
Striving for equal rights
When the odds are never even

Why bother hoping for a change
Why bother starting another movement
Mankind is one of a kind
You can't expect victory
Until everyone's gone