Nothing To See Here

by Flaming Joseph



Debut EP for Flaming Joseph.

3 songs, with a nice mix between Pennywise and Sublime.


released October 8, 2014

All songs and lyrics by Flaming Joseph.

"Slave" (Official Video)



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Slave
If you ever stop to think
Won’t you take a look around
You won’t believe the things you’ll see
People floating through their lives
Democracy and alibis
A circle society

A struggle that will never end
They’ll keep on searching for answers
To questions they can’t conceive
Apathy for you and me
Is that the way it’s gonna be
Open your eyes you will see

You’re slave to your greed
You’re a slave to their greed
You’re a slave of society
Can’t you see how empty
Will you live will you die
And in the end you wonder why

Will you ever be aware
You’re not getting anywhere
Together we’ll make it through
Why must you follow every step
Why must they tell you what to do
Why must it be them who design you

Can’t you think for yourself
Can’t you take a look around
You’ll believe all the things you’ll see
No more floating through your lives
No more greed no alibis
Open your eyes

Apathy of society civilian hypocrisy
Will you ever know what’s like to be free
Money greed philosophy where is your democracy
There’s no hope can’t you see
Slave society
Track Name: Bad Morning
I woke up this morning realized there was nothing left to do
The face in the mirror I can’t even recognize

It’s not new to me I felt this way before
My purpose and directions are long long gone
I need something or someone to remind myself
Why I still walk the earth nobody can tell
I’m tired and I’m not sure how much more I can take
Hopeless and I try but I cannot fake it anymore
I forgot what reasons keep me alive
And the point of this charade and all these lies
And that’s what’s keeping me down

Take me to place far far away
Where I feel happy and every day is a new day
I need to be away always a sunny day
Bad mornings I can’t take I need new place to stay

Always counting the days to get out of here
Always counting change to drink a beer
I need some rest I need some purity
Away from you away from society
I want fresh air I want a beach
I want you here I wanna to be rich

I need to get out of here
I need to get away from you
I need to get away yeah yeah

Take me to place far far away
Where I feel happy and every day is a new day
I need to be away always a sunny day
Bad mornings I can’t take I need new place to stay
And you yeah you you won’t bring me down
Track Name: Still Real
Go go away go leave me now
I will make it through somehow
But I will do this on my own

This isn’t what I had foreseen
This premature ending of a dream
I’ll take this gift and treasure it
Complicity reminds me it’s real
Still in my head the same song playing
Over and over again

Just like a candle that’s burned out
Words like love hanging about
Feeling less and less as time goes by

And feelings are all that’s left
But I’ll put them all to rest
The flavor’s already gone
But the sensation is still real
Knowing that you won’t be here
Wondering if this wound will ever heal

(Will it ever heal)

So I’ll go I’ll take my hopes down to the shore
I won’t be needing them anymore
Without reflection without light
My dreams are as useless as a mirror
Still I face another night
Wondering if I’ll be here tomorrow
And where will you be