Rebels in Packages

by Rebels in Packages



Punk-Rock band from Lisbon, Portugal.

Debut EP featuring 6 songs recorded @ JAP STUDIOS // WILDROOM by Gonçalo Silva.

Fast and urgent!

Catalogue: IR#062


released February 1, 2014

Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Gonçalo Silva @ JAP ESTÚDIOS.

Rebels in Packages:

Diogo - Vocals // Guitar
João - Drums
Rui Vilela - Bass // Vocals



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Track Name: Mexico City
We've decided to make a trip
That we thought we could not forget
So we went to Mexico City
A place where there's no regret

When we arrived there we had no plan
But suddenly from nowhere it appeared a man that said

Welcome to Mexico City
It's a place for me and you
Welcome to Mexico City
Smoking pot and sniffing glue!

So we went to a local party
To show our product around here
But when the cops came out
We couldn't just make it disappear

When we arrived at the station we had no plan
But suddenly from nowhere it appeared that man that had said

Welcome to Mexico City
It's a place for me and you
Welcome to Mexico City
Smoking pot and sniffing glue!
Track Name: Brothers For Life
People come and people go
But friends like you will never go
We are brothers until the end
From dusk 'till dawn we never surrend
They got my back against any knife
They are my brothers for life - brothers for life!

It was us against the world
And they'll never see us fold
We are the kids of tomorrow
We're never gonna sell out to the show
The night is ours, lets make it start
You guys are all in our hearts - In our hearts!

Gather around to scream and shout
It feels so good, it's unity!
Nobody can tear us apart
This is our real family!

Punk-Rock brought us all together
And hardcore makes us feel alive
They are what they say they are
Brothers for life!
Track Name: Drop Dead
Say what you want right to my face
I'll break you up and end up your disgrace
Look at my eyes and hear what I tell
Fuck with my friends, I shall raise hell

In this world you need someone to trust
Some good friends to count on if you must
Cover your back and help each other out
Don't mess with us, we'll put you out

'Cause you should think more on your life
Focus on that and forget mine
So next time be careful with your words
Or else you'll eat them up for good

'Cause your talk it's easier than shit
I'll knock you down with just one hit
Hunt me down, illusion in your head
Drop dead!

Even they don't know what they say
Fuck them all, we do it our way
And the reason they're so afraid
Rebels in Packages are here to stay
Track Name: Old School Style
Switch the amps and rock tonight
Let's give the show of our lifes
Speeding out at four A5
Let's go back to the Old School Style

Because rocking out it's what we do
Whisky on the rocks for me and you
When we start we cannot stop
We are the kings of the Old School Rock
Those were times full of class
Drinking booze and smoking grass
Skating hard and living fast
Breaking limits and having a blast

Come and join us in the town
And rock on for a while
Let's tear this all place down
With the old school style!

Partying hard with hot chics
Remember thos Mexico City trips
Playing like the cats that are stray
We do it the old school way
Around the world making miles
Playing gigs that are underpriced
Those two fuckers by my side
My best friends for my entire life
Track Name: Life's No Paradise
Live it now or don't live ever
'Cause this life won't last forever
Think for yourself and keep your friends close
But don't forget that your head comes first

Be strong and be successfull
Do what you want but be respectfull
Take a chance while you can
'Cause you won't be there in the end

Gather the kids, throw out some rhymes
Keep on rolling with the good times
Live fast and die young
Just some kids playing punk-rock songs

Stay strong and keep together
Brothers for life, these things are forever
Don't forget that to go far
You just have to be who you are

So when you're living down and low
And you think you don't have a way to go
Just remember to live wise
And fight through life with your fist raised
'Cause you know Life's no Paradise
Track Name: Mr. Drunkie John
So let me tell you about Mr.John
He's such a waste of life, he's the biggest cabrón
He has spent all his life seeking love and he found
He has his own best friend when he's down on the ground

This is is life, this is is blues
This is the only life he'll be able to choose
He's born to lose, what can he do?
He'll end up on the sidewalk screaming

He's always picking up fights at his local bar
He gets knocked out so fast and thrown out really far
He goes out at night seeking girls to stalk
They start to run away when they seem him walk

His bad luck is unbelievable
An ugly alcoholic, unlovable
He only has one friend to do him things to
His right hand understands